Moving trap records to overlapping project

I set up a new project for an area which is already covered by a similar project managed by the Regional Council. I would like to move my traps and two years of records to the TRC project, keeping the same locations and kill off the single user project which I set up but the app does not provide for this. This seems to be an easy task for a database administrator with a SQL update query? Would this be possible?

Kia ora John,

If there is a member who has admin rights on both projects, then they can move all traps and associated records from one project to another. If you’re not an admin of the TRC projects, perhaps you could ask a TRC project admin if you could add them as an admin to your project, and have them move all the traps from your project to the TRC project?

The process for moving traps between projects is outlined here:

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team