Moving traps around property

kia ora
If traps are moved around a property what is the most efficient way to manage this on trapNZ? Do I need to retire one, and make a new trap record for the reposition location? The effort involved may be the decider on whether trapnz is used or not…is there a way to have “mobile traps” within a property that you can just pick up the point and move it elsewhere over time? I know of trappers with a A24 stuck to a pieve or wood and a bungy used to attach it to various locations and it is moved around regularly, but unsure how to advise them on what to do in trapNZ.
Any insights appreciated!
Nga mihi nui

Kia ora Elaine,

An installation is a ‘device + location’, so yes retiring it and creating a new installation is the correct approach. It is a bit tedious at the moment via the app/website and we are looking at a drag and drop solution that will simplify things greatly.

Until then via the app the ‘make do’ procedure is:
Add a new installation in the new location.
Open the old installation > tap ‘Installation details’ > ‘View Online’ > On the website hit edit, retire, save.


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Hanging out for the drag and drop!! Is it possible to edit the location data (lat/long) manually to shift it?

I retire them, so the data for that location is still retained.

The trap location to me is more important that the trap, if an location isn’t getting anything I will retire it and move the trap.

It helps me keep a record of where the animals are moving.


I am new to the app, so apologies if the answer is somewhere else in the forum. I have moved a couple of traps, so clicked the retired box, and set up a new installation. But the retired traps still appear on my trap line when viewed in the app - how do I get them to disappear without deleting, and losing the records.

On the Android App, go to Project Settings and press Flush Project Cache.

This clears retired ones for me.


Gary is spot on, but further to that the app checks for updates every 15 minutes and pull them down automatically. Hitting the flush button forces a check, i.e. overrides the 15 minute check.

So in summary you can also just keep using the app with the knowledge they will disappear after 15 minutes or so.