Moving traps to a new site

I have a trap that I had installed in a neighbouring property - abandoned since the quakes. I heard the property was sold 2 years ago so I moved the trap out and back to my place where I have been moving it around. I cant see any way to move a trap on the system so I have continued to log catches even in the wrong location. Can we add a “Move Trap” function without losing the catches? I see you have had similar requests

You can move a trap both via the website and the phone app. However, we work on the assumption that the records belong to a specific site not with the trap. If you are wanting the trap records to stay with the trap, my suggestion is to use the phone app to move it and when it asks is this a move or correction, choose correction. I have pasted the link to the help docs detailing the steps to moving locations using both ways here

Just to clarify this:

If you are wanting the trap records to stay with the trap

Lets say you have caught 50 rats under the lemon tree. You then physically move the trap 300 metres to the macadamia tree. You now want to map that new location.

You should use the app to do that because it lets you select why you are changing the coordinates. In practice it looks like this:

If you choose ‘Correct location’, those 50 rats will now be shown as caught at the macadamia tree (not true.)

If you choose ‘Physically moved’, those 50 rats will show at the lemon tree (true) and future catches will show at the macadamia tree (true.)

If however the trap was always under the macadamia and it was mapped incorrectly in the first place, you should choose Correct location so that those 50 rats are shown as caught under the macadamia.

Hope that makes sense.