Moving traps to new location



I’ve set up four traps but I can see on the map that the GPS location is off for two of the traps so I want to move them. I can’t see how to move them in the Android app or on the website. Any tips?



Ah ha! Have worked out how to do it via the web. Select the trap, select the Edit tab, add a new ‘feature’ to the map and it moves the trap location.

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Nice one Nick - yes the easiest way is to simply click on the new location.


I cant for the life of me work out how to do this. When I’m in the edit tab i don’t have the option to add a new feature and if i click on the map nothing happens. I have recently moved many bait stations to optimise a line but find once the data has been synced I don’t have the option to edit the location (unless i add coordinates manually). Im using windows 7 . Could that be the problem?