MPI Proposed controls on brodifacoum sale, use, and storage

For those not aware, MPI are open to submissions on their proposal for tightened controls on the manufacture, sale, storage, and use of products containing brodifacoum.

The proposal includes:

  • Licensing for the handling, purchasing, and storage of product exceeding 300gm
  • Mandatory weekly bait station checks with records
  • Record keeping for 5 years
  • Individual bait station signage

(see link below for offical wording)

This means for a landowner, with two bait stations controlling rats and possums in a covenant bush block, the following is likely to apply:

Pathway 1: Individuals

  1. The process of becoming a Recognised Person will require application to the Ministry
    for Primary Industries with proof of, or permission to, obtain documents outlining the
    competency, specified convictions, character and reputation of the applicant. The
    Recognised Person status will be valid for 5 years.
  2. This will require completion or provision of all of the following documents:
    a. A Police Vetting Form application, or equivalent e.g. current and valid Firearms
    b. The supply of two referees who will support the application.
    c. Proof that the applicant has undergone a suitable educational programme
    pertaining to the administration and use of brodifacoum containing VTA products.
  3. The costs arising from this process are listed below.
    a. MPI administration fee $155.25 (inc. GST) – as specified in the current regulations
    Schedule 1 section 16 (Recognition of a person under section 44F of the Act)
    b. An Education Programme completion certificate would be estimated at $250.00-
    $500.00 (inc. GST) – based on similar programmes.
    c. The total approximate cost for a five-year approval is estimated to be $405.25-
    $655.25. A reduced charge may be applied for renewals if the applicant can show
    that they remain to be a competent and fit and proper person. This will require a
    signed declaration.

Similar rules will apply for organisations and their volunteers.

If this concerns you and or your organisation, MPI requests you make a submission by the 26th of January 2023

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@andy.saunders-admin Thank you for this link.
We use Brodi and it is by far the most effective bait we use, with a 94% uptake (eaten)
versus Double Tap (Diph. and Cholef.) were we only have a 77% of bait eaten.
We don’t want to loose this option

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Thanks for letting us know Andy. Man that does all look cumbersome.

I get where they’re coming from though.

I’ll share this with my group.

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