Multi-project report of all users across all projects within an organisation?

Kia ora,

As an admin for a group of Projects setup as an Organisation, i would like to see a lot more multi-project reports, including one for Users.

I would like a report that shows all the Users we have across all the Projects within an Organisation (perhaps with a column indicating which projects they are within).

As part of my regular reporting it’s important for me to know how many active users we have using It’s a good measure of success and community engagement, as we are a volunteer-focused community group.

Eventually, I’d like to be able to message them all as well, but for now a single report which allows me to extract their contact details so i can manually email them would be very useful.

Is there currently a way to easily extract this info (without me manually checking each of my 18 Projects)?
Or do i need to wait until more multi-project reports are created?

Thank you,