Multi Project Reports differ between chart and records

Kia ora!

When looking at the multi project monthly catch totals chart, I get different results from the multi project records report - despite having the same date range and same projects and same species selected. e.g. supposedly two ferrets were caught in September (when looking at MP catch totals chart) but only one comes up when I look at the MP records. Is it just me or is there a bug here?

@fbt I’ll refer this to the dev team to have a look at

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Hi, we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. Can you give a specific example - what project, date range, species and any other filters.


Hi Scott,
I used the “Multi-project monthly catch totals table” report (1/7/22 - 30/9/22, no species filter) for all of the projects that we oversee (minus the training projects) and noted that three ferrets had been caught. When using the “Multi-project trap records” (exact same projects and date range, species filtered to ferret) to find out where those ferrets were caught only two show up. Have I missed something?
Cheers, Charlie