My position indicator (blue) is locked onto my home address

When I’m walking my trap line my blue position indicator won’t fllow me. Instead, it seems locked onto my home address. Any suggestions?

kia ora @spiller have you allowed the app to always track you?

You may also find this help document link helpful

Hi Lenore, as far as I can recall I did. The position tracker always just worked as I did my lines. It only stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Im not sure what setting I may have accidentally changed.
Ill try to see if I can figure it out from the link you provided. Cheers

If you don’t have any luck, please get back to us with the app version and the device type etc.

Hi Andy, Thanks for getting in touch. As a last resort I removed the app, shut down my phone, rebooted it and downloaded the app again. Although I haven’t done any lines since then, the position indicator seems to be working again, plus I now have all my settings back and the permissions look to be in place. Must have been a gremlin in my phone somewhere. Ill let you know if I have any more issues. THX, JS

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