NARA Lures - Any experience?

Has anyone had direct experience with using NARA lures - or the Connovation equivalent - on rats, mice possums or stoats? I would be interested in hearing comments on the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages.

I have also attached this trial report in case you are interested:

The idea of a lure that does not go mouldy and is resistant to insects etc. is very attractive (excusing the pun). At the same time I am wary of the next great idea :-). Nutella in a tunnel trap seems to be a winner for me, but it does go mouldly after a few days in damp conditions (= NZ bush most of the year).

Many thanks!

I have used the Nara lures (meaty) a year and half ago at the start of a new project and they seemed to work well and were catching however being the start of a new trapping project at the time there was no research into their effectiveness. Only had one or 2 that actually got nibbled on but otherwise they lasted the duration. Bit hard to tell when they have lost their scent unless physically marked in a dairy or such (3 months is a long time and if catch rates go down its hard to tell if they are still working)
I assume that they should be rechargeable but have never had an answer back from D2K as to whether this is possible. Recycling these baits would be good to have, and that’s what Connovation says is possible with the terracotta lures which i am currently giving a go, but catch rates are way down at the moment and havent caught anything over the last 3 weeks so yet again hard to tell how effective they are.
Bonuses are that they dont go moldy and lightweight. Nara lures were used in conjunction with Gorilla traps - also from D2K, and am preferring Gorilla traps vs Victors

Thanks very much for your comments. I believe you can recharge the NARA but I agree that it’s unclear from the D2K site. I think my preference is to use terracotta substrates for the lure and am thinking of making my own, or modifying the trigger plate of my Victor traps to take Connovation variety.