Needed a better way to assign traps

In my group all staff get rostered onto all trap lines, so that they do not get bored doing the same thing all the time. Currently I have two ways to do this - either edit each trap and assign each user to it, a very laborious process, or to assign each person editor rights. Editor rights allows them to edit traps (eg add or delete) which I do not want them to do. Currently it is too easy to create a new trap out in the field, but also too laborious to assign trappers to traps.

A better solution is to allow assigning a person to a line, which auto assigns them to all traps in that line (and similarly removing them from a line removes them from any traps in that line). Also, trap assignments should be able to be edited under the user edit, as well as the trap/line edit.
The line assignment should also show partial assignments eg a half box showing that they are assigned some but not all traps in a line. This could be changed to all by de-assigning and re-assigning the line, or assigning the missing traps individually.
Being able to do a bulk add, ie multi-select person and multi-select traps/lines would be ideal.

If you have this problem too please vote - it is votes that put a request into the active job queue.

Hi @TomSiegen

There is a way to assign/un-assign in bulk. In the Manage traps page select the traps you want to assign and then choose the Assign members operation in the dropdown. You can filter by line and use the checkbox at the top to select all traps in that line.

Awesome thanks. I looked here, but missed the select all feature.

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