New map animation

When working with the map on the website (I’m currently using it to go through and change trap codes so lots of clicking in to edit and then dropping back to the map) every time it opens, the map zooms from nz wide in to seeing multiple traps. That’s fine when just opening it to have a look but when actually using the map to do stuff, it takes much longer!

I can click back to the old view which remains zoomed in on the previously opened trap when I go back to the map, however thought I’d say in case the old view ends up being dropped once the new view is no longer new!

thenks @tui_kraal for the feedback, you can also easily edit the traps via the “manage traps” tab

Thanks! I do use that tab for some things but lately have been re-coding traps so i found the map easier to keep track of where I was upto and what number I was supposed to be inputting!
I think i found a way around it by just making sure I clicked into the ‘view’ view of whatever trap I started with, which lets me then edit that trap, and stay on it once the page is saved. Then I can just drag over to the next trap, or click straight on it if the zoom is right…

Hi Tui,

The map zooms in to focus on the traps selected by the filters at the top - which defaults to all the traps in the project that you can see. So you have a couple of options:

  1. Use the filters to focus in on a particular trap line, or by ID or something to reduce the number of traps displayed and zoom in on those
  2. When clicking on a trap to edit it or add a record, right-click on the button and choose to open it in a new tab. You can close that tab when you’re done and go back to your map tab and everything should stay where it was.

Hope that helps!


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