New NZ Autotraps Traps

Kia ora,

NZ Autotraps have released two variants on the AT220 automatic trap. They’re sufficiently different from the AT220 that they really need to be added to the trap type drop down - they’re more than just a sub-type. We allready use the sub-type field to differentiate between models of AT220 - lure bottle versus lure pouch.

The first new trap is the AT230 which includes a microchip reader which can identify a chipped cat and prevent the trap from triggering.

The second is the AT520-AI which includes a Species Selective Arming capability. This uses AI to distinguish between species so that target species are killed, non-target species remain safe.

So may you please add these new trap types to the trap drop-down. We’re doing the upgrade in early August - it would be good to have these additional trap types available by then.

There’s one more field that’s required. Most automatic traps have a unique serial number. This is used for asset-tracking. It’s too unweidly to use as the trap ID… but I need to be able to query it.

Finally, unlike other automatic traps, the AT520 records and explicit species kill. It’s important that this information is automatically transferred into Trap.NZ as a kill record.

Thanks for listening


I agree that a new field for “Trap ID” needs to be available and the current field “Trap number/code” needs to be renamed “SITE number/code”
This would better express the system of linking data with a site (not a specific trap) and also allow for asset-tracking.