New release of TRAP.NZ

I’ve read on the Forum that a new release is coming soon. I’m looking forward to that! I won’t ask when it will appear.

Please, can you tell us: -

  • is it only the mobile app that is being updated, or also the website?
  • will be need to reload the app from the app store?
  • will Help pages be updated at the same time, or later?

We’re planning a newsy circular for our baiters and trappers, so will hold off that given the new release seems imminent, and then we can include a short blurb about how it might impact on them and how they use it.

There are some features that I really, really hope are upgraded, and so do look forward to seeing it.

Kia ora,

We have released the new version of the app - it is now live in both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app will automatically update, unless a user has chosen manual updates, in which case they can do so from their device.

Manual updates on Apple devices:

Manual updates on Android devices:

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

On the trap status can there be a category saying “Couldnt find”? Sometimes if traps have been moved or are covered in weeds it is hard to find them but they may still be there. ATM I have been putting it under trap gone but this may not be the case.