New Rodent bait station

The Protecta Sidekick bait stations have been updated & are now called the Protecta EVO Edge.
Please could they be added to the pull-down list? Thanks.

Thanks @jo_b I have sent that through to the dev team, however as most members know it by it’s old name it may stay in the system for a wee while

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Hi Lenore
Thanks. Both bait station types need to stay in the system as the old stations will be around for many years yet.

imho we need to add the new one as well as the old, as newbies may not know the old name.

@jo_b agreed, once again thank you for the update

Greetings for the new year.
Please could this request be actioned?

Knowing which bait stations are where is important for us as when we ask someone to cover someone else’s line (because of illness or travel), and the type of station is different from their usual, we need to provide them with a different key to open the stations. Or, when we replace a station we need to know which type of station to provide to match the rest of the line. It’s best that there is an accurate record in the system.

One option you have is to put both station models in as type Protecta, then the sub-type as Sidekick (for older models) or EvoEdge (for the newer ones).


I see Protecta Everedge in the bait stations drop down list. I assume this is meant to be PROTECTA EVO Edge Can this spelling be corrected please? We are using these bait stations and am having to put in ‘Tunnel’ as type and ‘PROTECTA EVO Edge’ as the Sub type. Thanks. Jan Diprose

Hi motucare, I think you’re right. Protecta Everedge appears to be a misspelling of Protecta EVO Edge.

I’ve corrected the name in the system :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks, Logan. Much appreciated. Looks perfect now!
Kind regards
Jan Diprose (motucare)