New sentinel traps not firing - too hard set?

Just purchased 20 new sentinel possum traps, but they are extremely hard to set off, even a solid bang with a hammer won’t set it off. Worried that possums are getting bait and getting away. What do I need to do to increase their sensitivity? Have tried bending the hook without much success.

Are you setting so just about 1mm or less of the hook shows through the bottom of the sheet metal?

File the inside of the hook smooth to ensure there are no burrs.

Lastly, (and only if the above two steps don’t work) you can use strong pliers or similar to very slightly straighten the hook it requires a fair amount of strength in your hands and it’s easy to over-do it and make your trap un-settable…spring steel doesn’t like being reshaped.

I feel like anything over 100g to trip is a waste of time, I’m guessing a bit, but I’d say most of my sets are around 50g - we are trying to catch them after all, not give them neck strengthening workouts :wink:

Edit: I see you have tried straightening and had trouble with it, I don’t have any traps at my house at the moment, but if you can imagine the green twist tie is the hook of the sentinal then this image shows what I do in the field without pliers.

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Thanks heaps! I can’t fine set to 1mm or less because the shape of the hook automatically forces it to slide on to about 10mm. I think a bend and file is necessary so that the angle is right for it to hold at a fine-set. Will give it a go, thanks!

No worries, I’m heading out to play in the forest with a few hundred of them over the next few days, I’ll try remember to take some pictures of the hooks :slight_smile:

Hi jade, hope your efforts have been fruitful. Here’s an image of some light sets and a ‘good’ hook shape.

Trigger weight was somewhere between the weight of my PLB (116g) and my radio (290g) but at the lighter end so maybe 150g?

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@Maybe_It_s_a_Trap Thank you so much for taking such an effort to help me out… have had two weeks of wet weather so look forward to heading out tomorrow and bending these hooks to a similar shape as yours. Awesome! Will let you know how I get on.

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