New trap overview page

Scott has been working on improving the trap overview page which we hope will replace the current page soon. You can get a sneak preview here:
(select your project first)

There’s a short video here highlighting some of its features.

Any feedback welcome - add your comments to this post!

Nice!! I like that I can zoom a bit closer (for some of the ridiculously dense trapping I have around the house). Choosing to view/edit/add catch saves an extra click for single catches. Thanks.

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Some great new features on this and it’s handy that you can angle the map view. One concern though is that when the map is zoomed out all the traps start to merge into joint numbered lumps. This makes it impossible to assess coverage and determine where gaps in coverage are, which is something we need to do often in our possum eradication project. Is there an option to turn off this trap lumping feature and keep them as individual traps?


Would it make sense to have a tick box Filter that filters the table to only list the traps within the current map view?

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That is cool, I didn’t notice that at first but you can change the angle by holding ‘CTRL’ and dragging (and click arrow under the zoom buttons to face north again)

Thanks all. We’ll see if we can add a switch to toggle from a clustered view to having all traps visible. @j40gryphon - that would be a nice feature to restrict the table to the installations visible in the view but would be a bit of a challenge here. In future though we hope to be able to provide the ability to select installations based on a user-defined polygon (e.g. be able to select a bunch of traps by drawing around them).

+1 for a toggle for clustered view.