New trap record field needed for gas/battery replace date and battery level

We run an extensive network of automated traps - 150 AT220s and 420 A24s. Key to successful use of these traps is establishing a gas / battery replacement cycle. We need a new trap record field which is gas/battery refresh date. That field needs to contribute to a report which shows days since last gas/battery update… essentially a repurposing of the existing ‘date last checked’ report.

We’re beginning some work to prototype a new type of Celium node that will integrate with an AT220 trap to report on battery level. It would be fantastic if there was a battery level field in Trap.NZ that could record this information.

Beyond that, in the same way that sensor traps have their own symbol, it would be really useful if automated traps had their own designation / symbol.

Thanks for listening!

Kia ora David,

The first request is a common one and is already being road mapped for development.

We might need some specifics for the second one. The sensor data received by contains battery status and is already reported on in the trap sensor report. I suspect you’re wanting this reported in other ways?