New User Registration - I found it impossible to do!

I was really disappointed to try and sign a new user up to our project this morning and just simply not be able to complete the creation of a new account.

This was on a newish iPad, using Safari, project is South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network (STNN), although I’d imagine it would be the same for all users/projects.

As an aside, I use A LOT, both the app and the website versions, but on Android and Windows.

So using Safari, we went to We chose Find Projects. We zoomed in and clicked on the STNN project. The ‘Request to Join Project’ button was found after looking around for a while, it was off the screen, below the map.

So we click that link and immediately see this:

So a new user immediately gets told they are being denied access. With no instructions to create a new account, or directions of how to do so. So the lady I was with tried to enter a username and password, which of course fails, since there’s no account with those details.

What you have to do is click “Log In” at the top right so that you get taken to a screen to create a new account. This is in itself non-intuitive. When you go to join a project, you should be taken directly to the screen that allows you to create a new account.

Now, we clicked on Create New Account, and this is where the bulk of the errors occurred. We spent 20 mins here, and had to give up.

Briefly, things happened in roughly this order:

  1. We put all details in and got this message:

So we changed the username, entered in the password again. Found the “Create new Account” button stayed greyed out.

  1. So we pressed the back arrow on the browser, at the top and started again. We got errors like this:

    It looks like it’s kind of set up an account, but not given us access to it. I suppose, reading that again now, what I should have done is requested a new password, but having done that before, that’s not super simple either. So I persevered…

  2. We had to enter Captcha details over and over again. And click all the boxes showing boats or traffic lights or whatever, we’d get the tick in the box, submit and get these sorts of errors:


We closed Safari down and reopened it, used new passwords, a new username etc. etc. It just would not work.

On reflection an account was partially created and from thereonin I should have done the ‘Request new password’ thing.

I have to say I found this extremely frustrating and embarrassing. Also, via other people, I have heard that other volunteers just can’t manage ‘to get into’. Not being there with them I assumed they just were incapable of doing simple things to register etc. But now I see why.

We absolutely need volunteers to join project and enter catches in. This needs to be made as simple as possible. Much much simpler than it currently is.

kia ora @davidnblake36 Totally agree that sounded like a frustrating experience. The issues here were as you mentioned, requesting a new password and also too many attempts in too short time frame on CAPTCHA. Unfortunately we find in a lot of cases the person hasn’t added their email address or password as they thought and so it creates an issue. If you are an administrator of a project the fastest way to add a person to your project is to invite them using their email address. This adds them to the project immediately. If your member is having issues signing in, please feel free to contact us via Need help? | Trap.NZ

All of the fields were filled in each time.

So once we get into that Captcha problem, how do we break out of it?

I do often send the invitation emails, and that seems to work, but users should be able to find projects and join them. Easily. Are you guys going to look into this or not?

Also, the sorting of names in the members section just doesn’t seem to work. What I mean specifically is sorting via name in ascending order. Firstly, it does it page by page, which is not really how it should work is it? And secondly, it just doesn’t sort correctly within each page. The second page of members in our project starts at M, goes up to T, then down to M, J, C, back to M…

@davidnblake36 I have managed to create new accounts today with none of the issues you have described above. It may have been a glitch in the catcha system. If you are still having issues please feel free to contact me on Need help? | Trap.NZ

So what about

  1. The first thing I mention where you firstly get taken to a screen saying you don’t have access?

  2. What about the initial error i.e. the one saying “The name XXX is already taken” - What is that about? Surely unique usernames are not needed?

I didn’t have any issues about being denied access, I have even managed to gain access to the STNN project as a trapper. I’m wondering if the person you were trying to login was a pre-authenticated member (hadn’t verified their account). I did have to reselect a user name that, had already been taken. Usernames are used for authentication - users can use them to log in rather than an email. Most services require the username to be unique to each person - but often they let the user also pick a display name.

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Yeah I got into this situation where maybe it was: 1) Username not unique, 2) Re-captcha problems, but account sort of created, 3) Get told that an account already exists for that email address, more captch problems.

Still though, for new users, i.e. with no account, they should be taken to the Create Account screen when they try to join their first project.

thank you @davidnblake36 We will take that into consideration and may look at making some changes.

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