No lists showing in the Lines on my Project

New User here. On the app, I can see my project, and then the lines in that project. I can select the line I am looking after and upon selecting that I can see a map view and a lists view. The map view shows the lines superimposed (no trap locations though) but the list view only shows 4 headings (Direction, Line Notes, Manual Complete, Walk Line) but no content under any of the 4 headings. Is this a permissions issue? (my user status is Advanced Trapper).
How can I get the list contents to show?

kia ora @owens You will need to talk to your project administrator and ask them to assign you the installations on your line. This is the permissions of an advanced trapper

  • Can add new lines and installations to a project.
  • Can view, edit, and add records to installations which they’ve added, or have been assigned to.
  • Can view any installation in the project (web only, the app displays only owned and assigned installations)
    I hope this helps

Very helpful, thanks!