Node powerup messages from Celium sensors are being reported as Sprung on TrapNZ app and website

I have noticed when a Celium sensor does a power up, the TrapNZ system looks like it is reading the power up message as a Sprung message/status. So, the TrapNZ is giving errorous sprung trap information on the Webpage, App and Emails. Which makes it a little unreliable using TrapNZ alone to see which traps are Sprung and need clearing with 12hr of daylight. See screenshots below to see what I mean. Just means our volunteers spend extra volunteer time going to traps that have not sprung. The Celium sensors are now programmed to do Power Ups occasionally to refresh their memory to ensure good health, like doing a restart on a computer occasionally.

The ‘Sprung’ status looks like it changes to ‘Set’ after an updated supervision message which can be up to 12 hrs on our setups.

TrapNZ needs to be able to receive or understand an ‘Event - Status Update’ from the Celium system
When the ‘Event - Status update’ event data is ‘0’ then TrapNZ needs to update status as ‘Set’ if event data is ‘1’ then update status is ‘Sprung’

We’ll have a word with the Celium team. Thanks.