Not receiving email from Trap.NZ for smart cage capture

I’ve been allocated a smart cage and have added my email plus one another email to the list of people to be notified of a capture. The person who allocated me the cage is being notified and the other person I added is being notified but I am not.
I was already a trapper on this project when the smart cage was allocated, so never received an invite to join. This same situation has happened to another trapper in our project, Awhitu North. Any thoughts on a solution?

Just to add to this
If I added someone to the members list via the invite email (and they previously not a member)
then that person does get email notificaiton, once added them to get the notification , from the member list, as they then show up straight away on that
(had to do this and it worked for an existing member, via using a different email…i.e its existing members who are not getting email notificaions for smart traps from wheronet
I seem to remember this happened to me and it turned out to be hidden tick box , but I cant remember with that setting is…Andy Saunders helped me with that at the time0
Brian Hamilton

this might be the hidden setting: (we will find out!)
on trap nz web site

my account (top right)

then edit tab

very bottom

do you have ticked

send me email alerts for sensors I am subscribed to

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That’s the one Brian. It defaults to on for new users, but anyone with a very old account will need to manually switch it on.

yah!, my foggy memory eventually lead me to this (as this did happen to me)