Not sure if same date trap records report is working

Hi there. I’ve come across some same date trap records recently, but cannot get them to load on my report. Cheers, Amy

Hi @amy.waldmann

The same date trap records report only lists duplicate records (we’ve changed the description to make that clearer). It is useful if you think you have accidently submitted records twice. This is less of a problem now as we’ve made it harder to save more than once by mistake in the app.

You may want to check those records - they possibly have different bait types or something else recorded.

I can add to that…

On records recorded the same day, the bait is shown from the last record. e.g. l;ook at our RT024 and last bait was good nature and the today bait was peanut butter. Todays record shows with Good Nature. Definitely a bug.

The bait type displayed on the trap records page is from the previous trap record so that the bait type used is related to the species caught. There’s a note on bottom of the page which may need to be a bit clearer.

If you still think it is displaying incorrectly please send a screenshot to and we’ll take a closer look

Ahh… we used that report to help us recall what bait we used when last baited. We change between peanut butter, chocolate and mayo a lot and it helps to wander out with the right stuff. Agree that having the last bait on a kill report is appropriate.

Thanks, Unfortunately I had already deleted the records, but did so because I believe they looked the same as far as I can tell. Some new duplicate records have appeared from one of my runs last week, which I also cannot bring up on the report. They are the same in all respects.