Old map tiles in app

I have the latest app version, but the map tiles are older than the maps on the web site for project Rangitane River Park. I have tried to update tiles, but to no effect. The map on the website includes recent subdivisions and so traps are easily located by users.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi @Rh1729

The map tiles for the app are served directly from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), so what you see is the latest imagery provided.

The maps are updated frequently, so hopefully, the new subdivisions will appear soon.

If you turn on the parcel boundaries layer on the website and the app - that should be up to date and will at least show where the property borders are.


Thanks for the feedback Dan, I was just surprised the maps on the web page were different, ie included the subdivision, but only at lower magnifications ie 200m and above ? I have tried refreshing the tiles, but no luck so far.

I see now that only the ESRI satellite has the subdivision updated on the web page at 200m resolution but this ESRI option doesn’t seem to be available on the app as they come from LINZ.

Thanks for the note on parcel boundaries. They are indeed helpful. I will advise the community trap users for Rangitane River Park in the meantime.