Open access to Trapline so non members can reset traps and log data

We want to allow others (non project members) to be able to log trap data and check / reset our traps when they walk on our track. We have enough members to check 3 weekly (the DOC frequency), but we have dozens of people walking our track daily and I am happy if some of those people reset sprung traps and remove kills, (the more the merrier!!), but at present we would have no way of logging that data. So if the project was open for anyone to log data and see when last changed then it would make it easier for a lot more people to get engaged. We also thought that if our trap project was visible on the app/website, then we could leave a suitsble screwdriver (and bait) in a lock-box neat the track entrance, and they can grab the access code from our website. We might lose a couple of screwdrivers, but if we slam a few more stoats due to the increased frequency of resets then its worth it. Ps andy this is already a top website and app!