Order the entire line rather than bait stations and traps separately

I can currently order my traps and bait stations separately but would like to order the entire trapline together to make recording in the app easier and more logical

Yep I would like the same functionality.

You can use the “Weight” field to do this.

The lower the weight the higher up in the line, you have to go to the Bait Station screen to add the weights to them. But this might help until you can do it all on one screen.

Some groups may service their traps and baitstations completely independently. In this case, they may consider it better to have all traps together and all baitstations together, rather than interwoven.

If the current functionality is changed, it should be a user-selectable option.

And @Wak_Trapper is right, the functionality is already there… just not very convenient as is.