OSKA Bait-stations

Does anyone have experience with these bait-stations or a photo of what they look like?
Some of these have been donated to a pest control group but no one knows how to set them up.

You’re correct that the bait stations are no longer available. They were a one-off production line for OSPRI for their TB control programme in the central north Island. Having achieved their goal (using these bait stations, they had a successful run with the stations) we have been given the leftovers. So we have made them available not because they don’t work, but because our pest control grids were already set up when we were given them.

Hi are they orange flat plastic ? If so I have one and can send a photo, if that is what you are talking about they fold over and clip together, I think they were intended for cyanide paste but could probably be used for feratox or feratox bio bags

I have not ever seen one nor even a photo of one but have been given a description of how they have two parts, one for possums (orange coloured) and another for rats etc (white coloured).
They were a one-off manufacture for TB control in the central North Island which was, by one account, quite successful.

It may be a long shot but someone involved in the TB control project using the OSKA stations may be able to enlighten me (to be able to share the information) on how they should be set up and recommendations of baits to use.

Thank you kindly all the same.

It looks simple once assembled, but I recall playing ‘pass it round the circle’ for while :rofl:

Thanks heaps for the photos and going to the trouble of assembling it.
This will be most helpful when finally confronted with the “flat pack” delivery to put them together.
Quite a complicated design after working with Philproof bait-stations.

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