Peanut butter all gone but rat trap still set

Something is completely taking all the peanut butter for my 2 rat traps but the traps are still set. There is absolutely no peanut butter to be seen, it’s as if something has licked the whole trap clean without setting the traps off.
I thought it might be mice so I set a very sensitive mouse trap with peanut butter. The same thing happened, no trace of peanut butter and the trap was still set. Traps are in the usual wood and wire cage, set on the edge of woodland close to residential dwellings.
Any advice?

Snails like a bit of peanut butter.

Could be cockroaches or ants? You could try to jam half a peanut between the bait spike and the end of the flap, and I’ve yet to try hot-melt gluing a nut or other bait onto the plate. But some residential trappers in USA say this works brilliantly.

Smear peanut butter on tux dog biscuit. rats and mice love dog food and the bugs will not be able to eat it. or poke small holes in a small water bottle or jar put bait in bottle bugs cant get it out but rats and mice can smell it still.
good luck let us know what you try

We use slug bait in the bottom of the trap. This makes the bait last longer

My 3 year old has observed ants eating peanut butter in my victor tunnel, so given a few days, they could take it all.


smear peanut into a small snap lock polythene bag and fix with a rubber band - saw this somewhere else , tried it and it works, the scent pervades and the slugs can’t get it ! Brilliant !

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