Pest sightings in other areas

Hi. I’m new to Trap NZ, so just getting involved in the local group here (Whitby).
Is there a way to easily report sightings of pests outside of the areas to which you’ve joined ?
For example, last week I saw a stoat near Mount Cook Village - am I able to contact the group there via Trap NZ (I think that there is one) to provide the precise sighting location, or is it a case of putting something into the Forum and hoping that someone from there sees it ? Thanks. Chris.

It would be a good idea to report sightings in other projects areas. I suggest you put it into the features request for the developers to consider. In the meantime, you could use the find projects tab, and request to join a project in the area where you have sighted the stoat, then in the message say you don’t actually want to join the group, but let them know where and when you saw the stoat.