Phone app issue with Bait stations

Our bait stations (hockey stick) have 10 bait blocks inserted. We have not been using the phone app to document adding blocks into the bait stations due to what I think is a major bug. This has been reported months ago but nothing has been done to fix the error, so I am reporting it again with I hope more evidence.
The first issue is there is no option to add block numbers, only weight. I understand this is being worked on as a new feature. To simplify documentation, we treat each block a 1 gm, 10 gms in total. I am using the ‘Manual Update’ option in the app, but I’m sure the problem also exists in the ‘Walk Line’ option.
When setting the Line Walk Defaults for the Hockey stick, I set Bait added to 0, Note there is no default for Bait remaining, which I think is also an issue. There are 11 bait stations, and none needed to have bait added so this should have been recorded as 0

After completing the trap line check, I logged into the web app at home to check the results. What I should hope to see is Bait added 0g and Bait remaining .010g. However for each record I see bait remaining .000kg, Removed .000kg, Added ‘blank,’ and Bait taken .010kg

If I edit the record to try to correct this, I can change Bait remaining to .010kg but there is no option to change Bait taken, it remains at .010kg.

The only way to correct this is to delete the record and add a new one recording just Bait remaining as .010kg

Hopefully the images I have uploaded show the problem clearly.
So as it stands we can use the phone app to update trap data and it works well, but we have to record bait station updates manually and update the records using the web app when we can get access to a computer, normally when we return home. This needs to be fixed in order to use the phone app as it should be used, to avoid time and effort updating data using the web app.

thank you @jb1 a fix for this issue is currently being tested

Hi Lenore
That’s great news

Hi Lenore,

Any idea when a fix for this will be made available??

Hi @jb1 can you send through the project name to the help desk so I can have a look at it please

hi @jb1 it appears to be resolved. The advice from the developers is this * Bait taken is calculated from bait remaining on the current record minus the calculated bait remaining from the previous record with the additions and subtractions * Records with the same date and time are invalid and will make calculations unreliable* bait taken calculations are updated every few minutes, so may take some time to recalculate after changes are made. Please let me know if you find any errors moving forward on Need help? | Trap.NZ

Hi Lenore,
The Project name is ‘Northern Forest’.
Sorry I just saw your update. Should have checked earlier. I checked the app and there is still only an option for bait added when setting defaults for ‘walk line’ and ‘manual’. I’m not sure I really understand your last update but I will test the bait station changes using the app next time I go out this Sunday. Also when is it likely that we can use Block numbers as an option rather than weight??

Hi Lenore,
I used phone app ‘Walk Line’ today with Hockey stick Service Default: Bait added of 0g. in other words the previous bait in the pelifeed is 10g. (10 blocks) we add no bait so bait remaining in the pelifeed should still be 10g.(10 blocks). Yet after ‘walk line’ the records show: Added .000kg (correct), Bait taken 0.010kg (incorrect) and Bait remaining .0000kg (incorrect)
Two images attached, the first shows 2 blocks added, the second shows 0 blocks added. both records have incorrect numbers for Bait taken and Bait remaining.
I can’t see how the developers can say this is working correctly!!
Project is Northern Forest, Line is Howard Cheviot. Bait stations H01B - H11B
Regards, John

Kia ora @jb1 when you look at the records further down it does add up.

this help doc may help you