Phone app Re-Luring query

When adding lure in traps I have always ticked the ‘Re-lured’ box and selected the appropriate bait from the list, the online manual (YouTube video) shows this method. I have not considered the Trap ‘Condition’ options which I just leave as OK, again the online manual shows leaving this as OK is correct.

Recently a fellow trapper asked me a query about using trap ‘Condition’ and investigating his query I noted it had a Relured option. If I select this option as well as ticking the ‘Re-lured’ box, the trap record shows a Condition of ‘Relured’. If I only tick the ‘Re-lured’ box the trap condition stays ‘OK’

Can you tell me the correct method of updating trap lures? If the manual is correct, should Ticking the Re-lured box update the trap Condition as ‘Relured’, and is there an issue here as it doesn’t. Or should I set the Relured option in ‘Condition’ as well as tick the 'Re-lured box. In which case the manual needs to be updated to reflect this.

@jb1 the relured option in the trap condition would be used by automatic traps such as the AT220, A12, A24 or Tawhiti smart cage, where you are filling up the lure not just rebaiting. but, a good catch, maybe we need to look at the terminology

Thanks for the quick update, Lenore. I’ll not change the way I normally update the app in that case.

Hi again Lenore.

Just a thought…
My confusion arose as Relured is an option for ‘Condition’ and Re-Lured is a box you check on the app collection page (then select type of bait). In the online manual/youtube video, Adding new trap records,
the box you check is called Re-baited. So this has been renamed at some stage. Perhaps it could be changed back to be Re-baited to avoid this confusion.

@jb1 thanks for the feedback I will forward it to the developers