Phone App showing traps that have been changed

Hello, Our Bridle Track trapline is showing all the old DOC150’s that have been changed to DOC200 traps. On the computer they show as DOC200’s. How do we get the phone app to catch up?

@sforder I’ll get the developers to have a look at this for you

kia ora @sforder I’ve had a look and it looks like it is the supplementary traps that are showing as DOC150. To change these you will need to go into “manage traps” select the filters any, bridle track, DOC150. this will show all the traps that are on the bridle track and are showing as DOC150. Select the ones you are wanting to change to DOC200 and choose the operation “change trap details” click “trap type” and select DOC200, next and confirm. Hopefully this will sort it for you