Phone app v.1.2.2 issues with iphone X?

There seems to be something going on with the latest version of the phone app that I’ve downloaded (1.2.2).

There are white bars at the top and bottom of the screen in all the different pages, and when I try and log a catch, when I click on the options for say, Species caught, I get the various species (none, unspecified, bird…) and can scroll down through these, but there’s no “done” button once I’ve made my selection. It seems to somehow work if I click back on the main screen, but doesn’t feel right…

Here’s a screen shot. Any suggestions?

Cheers for this. Yes it is a problem that seems to affect other iPhones as well - we are looking at it right now and hope to have an update out within the next 24hrs…

This should be fixed now - you will need to update the app from the app store

Thanks Dan, looks good.