Photo and cache size

Hi guys, We’ve transitioned to trapnz recently. It’s great for our office staff data management wise. Our field team have some feedback, and we’re hoping you guys have the answers.

Our team are using a range of phones some new, old, iphone, android, etc. They are using their phones mostly offline and for the whole day.

Our workflow is as follows:

-start at office
-connect to wifi
-sync up project/data
-turn off wifi, go to airplane mode and leave the office
-get to site, start inputting records or installing bait stations/traps (take photo each time). Sometimes bar code scanning.
-at 20-30 photos things start crashing or getting really slow

If the team happen to be working in reception that day or get to a spot where there is they can usually fix the problem by connecting back up, syncing, closing the app and then re-opening it. We don’t always have reception/coverage though at all the spots we work at.

Is this a known issue or is there a way for us to adjust our settings? Do you have any advice?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

I would suggest upgrading to the v6.0.3 release which is currently in public beta testing. It has specific fixes for the issues you’ve outlined (long days in patchy coverage.)

They can join with the following link, then upgrade in Play Store on the phone:

For iPhone users with the following:

Nga mihi,