Photos Available on App

We have been marking out our trap locations and used the photo feature to take shots of where they are located. Two things: 1. You cannot view the photos on the App, only on the desktop version which does not help when you are deep in the bush with spotty GPS and need to find that tree. Secondly, it doesn’t put the photos into your general photo stream. Any chance of getting those two things done? Thx Grant

Cheers Grant. We are looking at both those things.

Making photos available off-line may be a little tricky to deal with. The problem is size - if a photo is 1MB say and you have 5000 traps in your project then that potentially more than 5Gb of data which would need to be downloaded.

Yes, understand the problem there. Perhaps it could be set up for ‘select to view’ so you can just download those you are dealing with on any particular day. Keep up the great work!