Please add Nooski Traps


Can we please get the Nooski Trap added a type of trap, they have a Rat and Mouse Version.


Have you had any success with your Nooski? I put one near the compost and baited it with peanut butter but ZERO.

Only the one so far, but I don’t think the current location has many mice. They is a normal trap nearby that has caught nothing.

I’m going to move it to a spot which catches a mouse every second night and see how it performs there.

Good Luck…Gary

We’ve added Nooski traps to the trap list :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sarah and Team

Good luck with Nooski. I tried one for a month without ( luck ) then decided that strangling vermin with a rubber loop seemed too good to be true - have since reverted to the usual method

But according to your photo it works. Do you try to remove the neck bracelet or does it rot down ?


Well the snap traps are out performing the Nooski, no I don’t reuse the rubber docking ring.

This is why I wouldn’t use these in the bush, as I wouldn’t want people finding rubber rings in the bush in ten years. Its bad enough we find old DOC feeding stations :slight_smile:

But if you have a few around home and are not a fan of pulling dead animals out of traps, these are great. You can add the rodent to the weekly rubbish bag.