Please add Smooth Blue lure to the drop down list

Hi, it would be really useful if you would add ‘Smooth Blue’ to the bait drop down list. It’s a commonly used bait / prefeed for possums and rats:


It’s already there as “Smooth”

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I’m puzzled - because it’s not appearing in my app drop-down. There’s an alphabetically sorted list that goes from “salted meat” to “tinned sardines”. No “smooth” listed. Can you upload a screenshot showing your list of baits please? Thanks!

Doesn’t look to be alphabetical, it was the third one down for me.

Okay, that’s really weird. I have a completely different list:

I’ve checked and its the same list in the iOS app.

That seems to suggest that the list is customisable… can anyone help with the customisation process?

Have a look at the list under a possum trap? Maybe the list is different depending on the trap type.

Not sure, very strange.

Not that because it’s a standard list without any trap being selected:

. It begs the question whether your trap type list is the same…

Aha! I was thinking about it and thought “There must be a setting somewhere”. And sure enough, under Project / Project Categories, there this:

So it’s customisable at the project level. Which makes perfect sense. Perhaps I should have read the manual!

Nice one, learnt something new today.