Please disable / allow disabling of popup animations in the app

I use trapNZ widely when working on contract to DOC and on volunteer projects.

As someone who suffers from migranes triggered by screen animation/movement I find that I am never able to complete entering a round of trap data without having to stop due to loss of vision from migranes. This appears entirely due to the animation on your species, trap status and condition popups.

I have animations disabled in the Android settings to avoid this issue elsewhere, but your app does not appear to respect these settings.

It would be great if you could either disable these animations, or make them respect the OS-level settings.

It would be even better if I could enter a ‘manual complete’ using the website and thus avoid using the app entirely!

To follow up. We’ve made some changes to the respective animations which should alleviate the animation issues. These changes will come through in a future release.