Please sign my petition to Register Cats and License Cat breeders

I have started a parliamentary petition to License the breeding of Cats so that only registered micro-chipped spayed and neutered cats be available to the public as pets, the petition is under my name, Wayne Grigg and last day for signing is 30 June 2021, please let anyone you think might be interested in signing know about it, thank you


Great idea, as where I live we get so many missing cats. Whom I suspect are turning feral.

They sometimes return weeks later, probably full of bird meat :frowning:

If all cats were micro-chipped, you could make live cage traps not set off if Micro-Chipped?

How do you sign it Wayne, is this on-line or do you need to visit somewhere?


The Petition is HERE

There are 3 petitions currently open, maybe they can be amalgamated before presentation through an MP to Parliament?

If all cats were micro-chipped, do you think a kill trap could be invented that only kills non micro-chipped animals. Thats if this ever comes into law?