Points of Interest

Hi guys,
I’m using Points of Interest to keep track of things in the bush (eg. rubbish dumps we find while trapping).

  1. Can I bulk load them into TrapNZ like I can with traps? It says in the Comprehensive User Guide you can, but I don’t see specific instructions.
  2. Can I retire them? (So far I have given some an end date when we removed the rubbish. This is useful on the website as they have disappeared from the normal view and I can filter to find them, but they are still visible on the app version which is annoying).
  3. How do I bulk load tracking tunnels? I can see how to add one at a time on the Points of Interest page.
    Thanks heaps!

Kia ora @loisallison

  1. Yes you can import POI information by selecting Import POIs in your project page. It will show the information needed to import a csv file.
  2. No unfortunately you can’t retire a POI you can either select the end date or delete it.
  3. You can bulk load tracking tunnels via the monitoring tab on your project page. I hope this helps

Thanks for the help!
I can now understand points 2 and 3 :grinning: but can’t figure out 1.

Do you mean there’s a button on the project page called Import POIs? What tab is it under? View, Edit, Members, or Project Categories? Project Categories has 9 other tabs but none seem to say Import POI.

@loisallison sorry I wasn’t clear enough, you can find tracking tunnels in monitoring, then import stations after which you can import records for the tracking tunnels

All good.
Yeah, sorry about that, things are getting rather confusing lol.
Point 1 was: how to bulk load POIs (for rubbish dumps in the bush we want to get rid of while trapping). At the moment I can only figure out how to add them one at a time.


You have a button! Nice.
How do I get that button? I only have the other three tabs for POIs

Hi @loisallison can you send a request through the help desk and let me know which project it is and I’ll have a look at it for you Need help? | Trap.NZ