Printing a Map of TrapNZ bait stations and traps

I have a project with many bait stations and traps. I am wanting to print a map of the project area which differentiates the stations from the traps. Unfortunately when I print a copy, it also includes the codes.

I also want a different colour for bait stations and traps. I can do colours with lines, but are unable to with the stations and traps.

Is this possible and if so how? Any ideas out there> Many thanks in anticipation.

t isn’t possible to selectively change the colours on the Trap.NZ maps (yet) , however, what you can do is export the Traps and Bait stations as a KML file (link is at the bottom of the Traps and Bait stations pages) and import them into Google maps or Google Earth. From there you can style to suit.

Link below is help on importing into google maps.

Hope that helps!