Printing maps for trappers

Kia ora,

I was hoping to create a map for trappers, however the website doesn’t allow the user to select lines to print both the traps and the bait stations assigned to it, within a single map from the website.

The website allows singular traps on a trap line, but no ability to include the bait stations on the same line. I know in a perfect world, we wouldn’t use paper versions of trap lines, but some trappers require a larger sized template to see where trap lines start. It can help with orientation on a bigger landscape as well. I know the phone app has this line/map feature, but those with limited vision struggle with the small phone screens out in the field.

Is there anyway to create this feature? Unless there is an easy way to print a clear map that I have missed. Generally, you can zoom into the overall project map, but due to the scale of some of these lines, it is easy to lose information in the clutter and scale.

Ngā mihi,