Private Project Forums

This may have been discussed before, but it would be useful to have a private forum for each project so we can share and discuss ideas and challenges specific to our project(s). Ideally where members would be encouraged to subscribe by email to ensure they see the discussion. This may also help keep them active, although they can of course unsubscribe. Let me know if this already exists.

I agree with you completely. As trappers we will not learn about better ways of doing things unless we all talk together.
But I think there should be public forums. PredatorFree 2050 will NOT work unless all the trappers involved with small projects, home trappers etc have the opportunity to find about best practise, new trapping techniques, sources of money to be able to purchase new & better & more traps. Maybe PredatorFree 2050 should be setting up and facilitating these forums.
We should all be co-ordinating our efforts.
Good luck. with what you are suggesting

I agree with the principle, however I don’t think it needs to be covered within the TrapNZ forums.T
There are many other forums in existence and actively used by trapping groups, Facebook groups for example. I’d rather the TrapNZ team’s efforts go into website and app functionality.

Thanks for your replies. We already have the public forum which is what we are using for this discussion. My concerns with that is that only 19 people have viewed this so far (in 11 days) which means people really need the messages to be relevant to them and their project and it needs to be put in front of them (ie email). The project I’m in is run by Auckland council and is mostly made up of general public members with minimal motivation. Sure, they want to see pest numbers reduced, but they don’t want to or can’t put a lot of effort in. There is no sense of community when a forum is nationwide. Also, we don’t have to deal with wekas, keas and other localised issues, so we’re not interested in those discussions. The TrapNZ website already has a forum section and it already has a basic security model, so the components are there. Having said all of this, no amount of technology is going to replace good old-fashioned motivation and hard work and we live in a world of email overload, so perhaps regular emails from the project admin is the only realistic way of reaching the people in the project, but it’s a one-way feed. Cheers!

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