Problem importing lines

I’m having trouble telling what type of line I’m trying to import from a csv file. I can specify one of Trap, Bait station, or Monitoring station, but I cannot specify more than one for the same line.
I have tried multiple type columns; no joy. I’ve tried enclosing my combinations in quotes (e.g. “Traps,Bait stations”); no joy. I’ve even tried using a different delimiter for the csv file and commas only for the type string; no joy.
Has anyone had success? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks.

kia ora @j40gryphon to specify more than one type of installation on a line you need to separate them with a comma and space e.g. Trap, Bait station, Monitoring station

Hi Lenore - thanks for the response. I think I’ve done exactly that but without success. Please see the two screenshots showing import csv file and resulting output. Cheers

Can you send me the file to and I’ll have a look at it.