Problem with the new app

I’ve downloaded the new app onto my ipad but am finding it very user unfriendly. When I try to upload a catch it doesn’t save. It also doesn’t seem to let you register how many rats you’ve caught. For example I caught two but all it allows you to choose is species caught - in this case Rat. Despite pressing and holding the save button it seems that nothing gets updated.

Hi AlanDC

Do you get a green tick after saving the record? If so it should be saved and will update to the website automatically. If you don’t see the this can you please send a screenshot of the form contents to and we can take a look at why it may not be saving.

The app is designed to be used in the field where you would normally be adding a single record as you visit each trap. However you can add an additional records to the same trap.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, do get the green tick and everything now seems to be working fine.