Problems with remapping bait stations

Please advise, I am perplexed.
We set up new 6 urban baitstations, & made them into a line, & all seemed well. But we found some addresses & therefore coordinates were wrong. I deleted the line & started again, using a csv file for locations as previously. But some didn’t remap to the new locations, I don’t know why.
So I tried entering them using the manual coordinates, then retried the csv file… Eventually, they appear in the list of baitstations, they look right on the map, & they are in a line on the map that is named correctly, but when I click on the line in menus, no associated baitstations are found.
What fundamental step am I missing? How can I fix it? (Line HALO-07, all stations start H07)

Check that you have associated each trap with that line - trap by trap is probably easiest if only 6 of them. Open the station location and then “edit” functions and then make sure the “Line” field has the correct line associated with it.

thanks Makara, will check how they are entered & ensure the line is in OK.