Problems with the new app

I used the old app. for some time and have found it really good. I have just down loaded the new app. and my heart sinks!! Do we really have to enter the bait and pest target details of all 108 of our bait stations onto the new app. when it is already logged into the website? We used 25g Bromadiolone blocks, three per station. We used the kg code for each block. That is 1kg = 1 block. Worked well. the new app. has a sliding scale of 0 to 600g. That is hopeless for us. Surely lots of people use bait blocks.
We have found the TrapNZ site fantastic so what has gone wrong? Please help. Thanks.
Rex Bushell, Co-ordinator, Mangaiti Gully Restoration Trust,

Hi Rex,

Timely question as the next release (v3.0.2) addresses this and is a few days away while we finish testing. You will be able to pre-configure your bait types as you like, minimum / maximum quantity, unit weight etc. In the future we hope to make that configurable at the project level too.

The next release is significantly easier to use in this regard as it pre-populates the Bait Remaining field with the previous fill amount, and Bait type and Target species are persisted between stations as well.


Thanks Andy. I look forward to it.
One other thing is TrapNZ classification of bait types - “wax pellets” does that mean 25gm wax block or something different?

Pellets are available in either plain (non-coated) or wax coated. The coating is for weather proofing to keep them viable for longer arguably at the expense of palatability.

Your 25gm wax block however will likely be grain bound in wax rather than just coated? I would put those down as ‘Block’ in the formulation field.

Really it’s up to you how you categorise your bait, it’s a moving target as products come and go. As I said at some point we would like to allow Bait Type configuration at the project level so project members don’t need to deal with the finer details when they’re out in the field.