Project Hierarchies

Is it possible to establish project hierarchies?

I am working within an organization that has different users managing different regions. Within the different regions we have said users managing/overseeing another subset of users of which coordinate various community trapping projects and those project users. This is resulting in a lot of disjunct data and an administrative nightmare

It would be incredibly useful to be able to nest projects within projects along with permissions.

For example:
DOC Traps; CEO = Editor
DOC Traps>South Island ; CEO = Editor
DOC Traps>South Island ; SI manager = Editor
DOC Traps>South Island>Canterbury ; CEO = Editor; SI manager = Editor; Can = Editor
DOC Traps>South Island>Otago ; CEO = Editor; SI manager = Editor; Otago = Editor

Is this currently possible, or would the TNZ team be able to be able to implement this?

Kia ora,

We have an (on request) organisations support for Trap.NZ. But it’s only two levels
e.g DOC Traps > Canterbury rather than DOC Traps > South Island > Canterbury.
It’s intended as more of as a reporting / overall admin tool, but it might be enough to ease your administrative nightmare? Email me on if you’d like to get set up with this.

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team