Project Homepage Species List

Kia Ora,

I was wondering if it was possible to have different animals listed on the project homepage table by the map. I mainly focus on trapping cats and stoats but neither are listed, cats seem to be in “other” and stoats are listed alongside ferrets in “mustelids”. It’s not a major issue but it would be nice if I could choose which animals are displayed on the hompage so I can get a quick overview of the figures.


Best to add it to the forums as a feature request.

You might be better off creating a short cut of the Monthly Catch totals report with your preferred dates. I have a number that I shortcut and keep on my desktop, and phone home screen. Something like the following:[min][date]=16+Mar+2018&field_trap_record_date_value[max][date]=16+Mar+2050

Note the end date is 2050…