Project not appearing on phone app

New user, my project showed up on both the app and website for the first few days and now have logged back in on the app after about a week and it says I have no current projects but it shows my project on the website. Using iPhone and have tried deleting and reinstalling. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi there. You need to be an editor or administrator on the project before it is visible in the app. Please ask the project admin to set the role for the the account you are logging in with.

feature request - doesn’t seem right to having to change permissions just to get the app to work.

Hi, this does seem strange when trappers can create and edit their own trap data under the default permissions on the website but not the phone app. Is there any way you can update the app so that the permissions function in the same way?

Cheers - yes I can understand it is a little odd. The app is behind the website in terms of development so the permissions structure is different. It is scheduled for a major overhaul.

Ok great, thanks for your reply.