Project not available

Hi, none of our trappers are able to see any traps for our project this morning. All we see is the boundary of the project on the map. Under My Projects there is a warning symbol under the project name:

Trying to synchronise the project, the icon just spins.

Please let us know how to fix this?

Kia ora @Nigel_Charman a quick look at the project and I can see you have trappers and advanced trappers in the project that have been assigned nil installations, these permissions only allow the trappers and advanced trappers to see/service installations they have added or been assigned, when using the Phone app. An administrator in the project will need to assign them some installations. In your case however, it looks like you may have an error in your project logs. I have pasted below the links to project member permissions, assigning members and how to remove error logs
I hope this helps,

Kia ora Lenore

I upgraded the user to a manager to avoid any issues with him not seeing the lines. I also checked my logs but don’t see any errors there.

Three of us have checked and all are unable to see any traps in the project. It looks like the project is loading on the front page of the app and never completes.

On an iPhone it shows a spinner spinning around a globe:

And on a different user’s Android the spinner is spinning around a triangle:


Any thoughts of other things we can try?


@Nigel_Charman what version of the app are you using?

Version 6.2.0-beta.2

Kia ora @Nigel_Charman can you please uninstall the beta version and reinstall the open version 6.0.18. Let me know if that helps

Hi Lenore, yes that’s fixed it for me thanks. I’ll check in with the others that they’re OK if they do the same thing.

After uninstalling the beta version and installing the non-beta version, I see this message. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do to ensure the beta version is completely removed? Thanks

Kia ora @Nigel_Charman can you please co into the menu- About tab and confirm which version of the app you are now using for me?

It just has that message on the play store when I install it, but otherwise fine

Hi @Nigel_Charman,

Play store can take some time (hours) to unregister beta users. It makes it a little confusing and its a shame the message presented doesn’t mention that. Give it some time…